Sunday, January 19, 2014

All in a day's work

I feel blessed to have a job that I don't think I ever could have dreamed up. Last summer a videographer spent the week on one the trips I guided and did some filming for us to use to market this trip. It has been really fun to show some of his work to friends and family members and give them a better idea of what day to day life looks like while I'm abroad. You can check it out here:

For the full version, follow this link and enter the password "haute":


Jason Medina said...

That was so cool and educational. For example, I always thought that the Matterhorn was just a roller coaster :-)

Kiersten said...

This is so cool! I loved watching it.


What are you doing right now? Are you in Europe? I never even know with your life!

Is that other guide, Kate, related to Johnny Harline?

Was that your water bottle amongst all the beer glasses?

How cold was that water?

Since you're a world traveler, will you come visit me when I'm in Boston? SAY YES!!